FAMILY ASSESSMENT: In the best interest of the whole family

January 2 by Andrea Cross
FAMILY ASSESSMENT: In the best interest of the whole family

Upon hearing the good news, “They found her family,” you could mistakenly think, well, that was easy! But what most people don’t realise is that, just like a rescue mission to find a child, searching and finding a child’s family members can be just as difficult.

Through winding dusty roads in desperate need of repair, narrow turns, and steep mountainous terrain, the travel was difficult for this case, even for the experienced ZOE social work team. It would turn out to be a long and arduous journey.

Aoy* was rescued and brought to ZOE when she was just a small girl but now this bright young lady is about to finish her schooling with plans to study at university in the coming years. As she approaches adulthood, she has so many questions and seeks answers about her past.

At ZOE, the social work team is continuously doing Family Assessments. In Aoy’s case, they had been working with the small pieces of information that they had to search for family members on her father’s side. Aoy has never met them before and the team had little to go on as to where to find them.

After many ups and downs and tiny clues to follow, the team was finally able to locate her family. Her grandparents also had many questions, and the team was able to explain to them how ZOE had taken care of Aoy all these years.


Of course, Aoy was delighted at the news that her relatives had been found.


It was the missing jigsaw piece in the puzzle of her life. She too had many questions to ask and stories to share. Since the ZOE social work team found her family members, Aoy has been able to go and meet them and more visits have been planned for the upcoming school break.

For the ZOE social work team, it may be another case closed but for Aoy it has opened up the door to the many questions she had about her background and origin.




*Not her real name