Questions about ZOE, ZFA, and our in-country partners.

Will ZOE buy children?

ZFA understands the need to think legally and strategically to put an end to child trafficking. Buying and selling children is illegal. Purchasing a child empowers the seller / trafficker and sends a message that there is a financial reward or benefit in selling children.

ZFA has never bought a child. ZFA will never buy a child. There are many other ways to support the rescue of a child without empowering a trafficker. ZFA’s in-country partner has been involved in the rescue of children for many years. They use their relationships with the government officials, social services, and community leaders to educate those involved.

What happens when a child turns 18?

ZFA will always act in the best interest of each child. Once a child comes into the safety of our in-country partners’ aftercare they become part of a family. A child can continue to live and be cared for after they reach 18 years of age, provided they are continuing their studies at school, university or are involved in other vocational training that will equip them further for independent living.

ZFA’s aim is to raise up leaders that will create a positive impact on their local communities and their nation, so a child’s individual development and growth is more important than the date on their birth certificate. Higher education scholarships are also available.

How does ZOE decide who to rescue?

ZFA fights for the rights of children who have nobody else to fight for them. The children come from a range of backgrounds. Some are orphans, some were on the market to be sold, some have been directly rescued from being child labour slaves, begging slaves and sex slaves. Some have been subject to heinous crimes and abuse.

ZFA believes in acting in the best interest of a child. Our in-country partner provides short-term relief to families who may be struggling due to unforeseen circumstances.

If our in-country partner investigates a situation where a family is in need, but they are safe in their community, they may provide short-term assistance and then refer the situation to a non-government organisation who is equipped to provide longer-term care for the family.

Does ZOE work with the Government?

ZFA seeks to work alongside the government to ensure children are cared for and kept safe. Without the tireless and excellent work of our Thai government partners, progress in combating human trafficking in Thailand would not be possible. Our in-country partner is a member of the Anti-Trafficking Multi-Disciplinary Task Force (MDT). Thai government members include the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Immigration Department, and Transnational Crime Unit Police Region 5 (the law enforcement agency responsible for anti-trafficking activity in northern Thailand). Our in-country partner has also worked on cases with Thailand’s Anti Human Trafficking Department (AHTD).

Does ZOE work with other NGOs?

Yes, members of the ZFA board and personnel from our in-country partner have formed productive partnerships with other NGOs including World Vision, Children’s Hunger Fund, TRAFCORD, New Life Center, International Justice Mission (IJM), the Dream Centre, the MAP Foundation and the San Jai Network.

Since 2002, ZOE has distributed over 5,000 pairs of shoes and over 7.5 tonnes of rice, working alongside other NGOs to streamline distribution and ensure that the foreign aid gets into the hands of the people who need assistance.

How does ZOE protect the children?

Yes, ZFA is committed to the safety, welfare and protection of all children. Both ZFA and our in-country partner have a robust Child Protect Policy that ensures that our work and activities promote the safety and security of children at all times.

How are rescued children portrayed in ZFA’s external media?

ZFA believes in the dignity of all individuals and, as such, does not intentionally use identifiable images of trafficked children in our media and marketing material. Children come from a range of backgrounds and circumstances. ZFA never wants anyone to imply that ALL the children seen in any external media are child trafficking survivors or directly rescued from a brothel.
ZFA hopes to see transformation of every area of the lives of the children who are rescued, including physical and emotional. ZFA does not want children branded as sex slaves or trafficking victims. The protection of children is our number one priority.

Does ZOE provide assistance to children of any faith?

Yes, ZFA helps children, no matter their faith. Further, the Child Protection Policy ensures that all children are treated with the same love, care, respect, and opportunity regardless of their beliefs.


Our in-country partner brings children of many different faiths to its aftercare shelter. Our Child Protection Policy defines several areas of abuse, one of which is Spiritual. This ensures that no organisation, institution, church or family member misuses their power or authority or the trust placed in them with the intention of controlling, coercing, manipulating, or dominating a child into religious practices.