ZOE Foundation Australia, in coalition with our overseas partners, focuses on these critical areas: Prevention, Rescue, Restoration and Empowerment.

ZFA collaborates with our in-country partner to fund and implement projects, programs and activities in accordance with our funding guidelines and partnership agreement. The ZFA Board assesses funding proposals against the following criteria:

  • Innovative.
  • Replicable.
  • Sustainable.
  • Scalable.
  • Well-researched and delivers measurable life-change.
  • Involves local community participation.
  • Addresses underlying causes.
  • Builds the capacity of local communities.
  • Primarily focused on development and relief.

Today it is commonly agreed among governments and international agencies that a multi-pronged and multi-agency approach is the only response with any prospect of success in combating trafficking in persons.”

(Marco Antonio Gramegna and Ruben Korevaar)