Economic consideration, poverty and efforts for sheer survival are factors that make communities and children vulnerable to trafficking.  Training local leaders provide a follow-on benefit to their communities.

ZOE International has a two-year residential school for young adults with a curriculum focused on developing leaders in ministry, business and other disciplines. ZOE International’s Ministry School is “Empowering World Class Leaders for Success in Life and Ministry” and has graduated hundreds of students.

The goal of the 2-year program is to develop leaders with a knowledge of the Bible, who have learned and begun to master the principles of leadership and business, who have a passing ability to speak English and Thai, and who are educated and articulate regarding all aspects of human trafficking, particularly child trafficking. Students are also involved daily with the care and mentoring of the ZOE children. In their second year, students assist the ZOE house parents by serving as “big brothers” and “big sisters” to the ZOE children.

ZOE Foundation Australia cannot receive donations for Bible training or evangelism.  Donations to these areas can be sent direct to ZOE International and are not tax deductible.