The first step in saving a life begins with a rescue. ZOE International Foundation fields a multidisciplinary investigative team in Thailand that identifies ‘at-risk’ or trafficked children and develops better strategies to combat traffickers. Once victims have been identified, the team works with the dedicated men and women of the Thai government’s social services, legal services and local law enforcement to conduct rescue operations.

Close coordination between ZOE and the local agencies is the key to successful rescues.

ZOE assists in International Immigration and Enforcement Investigations. Through effective partnerships, more than 80 victims have been identified and rescued from sex and labour trafficking, numerous raids have been successfully conducted and many perpetrators have been prosecuted. 

ZOE is a member of the Anti-Trafficking Multi-disciplinary Task Force in Thailand and has cultivated effective partnerships and works closely with the Thai Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Security, Immigration Department and Transnational Crime Unit Police Region 5.


In order to break the cycle of exploitation, ZFA supports survivors by meeting their basic needs. This involves providing rescue, protection, counseling, legal services, shelter, food, healthcare, education and family reunification when possible to create a safe environment that fosters stability and opportunities for a dignified future.