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ZOE Foundation Australia is part of the global ZOE movement which has been combating child trafficking since 2002. “ZOE” is the Greek word for “Life.”

ZOE cares for orphans, assists ‘at-risk’ children, and rescues and rehabilitates child trafficking survivors.

The ZOE International originated in the United States as a non-profit organisation founded by Mike and Carol Hart in 2002. In 2003, ZOE International Foundation began in Thailand and has since been granted legal status by the government of Thailand, enabling the foundation to own and operate ZOE Children’s Homes.
ZOE Foundation Australia was established as a not-for-profit in 2011, under the auspices of ZOE, by a group of passionate Australians who have joined the ZOE movement to abolish child trafficking in our lifetime.

ZOE Foundation Australia supports the global mission of ZOE in the rescue and rehabilitation of children who are sold, or are at risk of being sold into prostitution, bonded labour or other heinous crimes or abuse and the empowerment of survivors and vulnerable communities. The Foundation funds innovative, replicable and sustainable programs to fight the root causes of child trafficking.

ZOE is deploying rescue, shelter, family reunification, healthcare, counseling, education, vocational training, relief and awareness campaigns. ZFA also runs awareness campaigns in Australia to galvanise local support and to equip and mobilise individuals, organisations and government to bring a permanent end to child trafficking.

ZOE Foundation Australia is a registered non-profit organisation in Australia (ACN: 154 438 427).

Donations made to ZOE Foundation Australia are tax deductible.