Computer Lab Upgrade

Brief Description

Purchase ten (10) computers to provide greatly enhanced educational resources for ZOE school-age children and, when not required by the students, for the ZOE teachers, tutors, childcare staff, house parents, and other staff members.

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Project Status:
Project Completed

Project Focus

Rehabilitation / Shelter, Reintegration

Recipient Country


Project Objective

Our objective is to enhance our ZOE children’s learning experience by providing them the tools they need for a well-rounded education. These tools include learning to use a computer and safely utilizing the vast storehouse of knowledge available via the Internet. In addition, various skills such as word processing, creation of spreadsheets, and working with different media will also prove beneficial as the students matriculate into higher grades and then, for some, on to university.

Who are the intended beneficiaries?

The primary beneficiaries are the orphans and children rescued by ZOE who will have access to modern computers that will allow them to be more efficient and motivated in their studies. Secondary beneficiaries include, childcare staff, ZOE teachers, tutors, and house parents and students in leadership training.

Project Description

Our goal is to build a well-equipped computer lab at our ZOE Children’s Homes campus.

Currently, ZOE’s computer lab features six older computers. These are shared by the 70 ZOE children.

Providing computers primarily dedicated for use by our school-age children will exponentially increase their learning in skill areas necessary to effectively impact today’s world. Many of our ZOE children attend public and private schools and – much as students in Australia – they are often required to do research, prepare written reports, and keep abreast of current events. The use of a computer has become almost indispensible in our modern age.

With these computers, not only can they do their homework, but we can teach them word processing, spreadsheet creation and manipulation, and media skills including audio and video production. More computers will also allow us to provide our children with a greater ability to do self-study in important areas such as English language and improving analytical and writing skills.

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