Enhanced Victim Protection Services at ZOE

Brief Description

Provide comprehensive victim services and provide support for the successful rehabilitation, reintegration, and repatriation of child trafficking victims.

Amount Sought:
Project Status:
Awaiting Funding

Project Focus

Prevention, Rescue / Intervention, Rehabilitation / Shelter, Reintegration

Recipient Country


Project Objective

When trafficking victims are rescued and receive specialised comprehensive services, their risk of being re-trafficked is lessened significantly. Specialised support services add to the level of healing and play an important role in preparing victims to reintegrate into broader society.

Unfortunately, such specialised services are not widely available in SE Asia. This is especially true for victims from the most vulnerable populations – orphans, migrants, and members of tribal communities. Children from these groups experience multiple risk factors. Many need extra support in the areas of language translation, cultural understanding, legal services, and advocacy.

According to a 2010 International Organization for Migration study, “children and young people are highly vulnerable to trafficking in the first instance and to re-trafficking upon return. ...The specific needs of children/young people should be incorporated into assistance and reintegration programs and, where available, local and national services should be developed to meet the needs of these groups.”

Who are the intended beneficiaries?

Children in SE Asia.

Project Description

The four objectives of the ZOE Enhanced Victim Protection Services program are:

1. Increase the regional capacity to identify and provide enhanced victim protection services for human trafficking victims.

2. Increase the level of physical security for child trafficking victims in Thailand.

3. Provide child trafficking victims – especially those from migrant populations and tribal communities– with comprehensive Case Management and Mental Health services.

4. Equip former victims and extremely vulnerable children with marketable educational and vocational skills in order to reduce their vulnerability to trafficking and re-trafficking.

Note: Funding has been committed to provide 75% of the program cost. ZOE is responsible to provide matching funds for the remaining 25% of the program cost over the three years. This proposal contributes $30,000 toward the 25% funding gap.

For more information email: info@zoefoundation.org.au