Improving Education: Teachers and Tutors

Brief Description

ZOE must provide education for many of our children on our ZOE campus.

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Project Completed

Project Focus

Prevention, Rescue / Intervention, Rehabilitation / Shelter, Reintegration

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Project Objective

Increasingly ZOE must provide education directly to our rescued children.

Because we rescue and care for children who have been trafficked, some of our children are unable to leave the ZOE campus at all as their lives are in grave danger and they are under a witness protection program pending the capture, conviction, or imprisonment of their perpetrators. Other children rescued may have never been to school inasmuch as they were in sex, labor or begging rings. We have 15-year-old children who are at a first grade level. Again, some of the children we rescue do not even speak Thai – the language of all schools in Thailand. These are children who were trafficked from neighboring countries or hill tribe villages.

A second group of ZOE children are unable to attend public schools owing to the danger of their being recognized by traffickers or their associates. For these children, we provide a private school education where they are protected and safe, while not being subject to isolation at the Children’s Home. In addition, the Thai public school system requires parents (guardians) to pay to send children to public schools.

For these children, ZOE provides tutors and teachers. We currently have one full-time teacher and several volunteer tutors. Our requirement for teachers is that they be university graduates with degrees from an accredited university.

Who are the intended beneficiaries?

The primary beneficiaries are the children who will receive a quality education and be equipped to enter adulthood with the learning and language skills necessary to succeed in Thailand.

Other beneficiaries include children who are saved from being sold into slavery through the efforts of our prevention work.

Finally, children rescued from lock-down brothels, begging rings, and forced labor will benefit greatly.

Project Description

ZOE’s long-term goal is to establish a government-accredited school on our campus. This will help us avoid the very real danger to some of our rescued children in attending public schools where the likelihood of their discovery by those who have perpetrated crimes against them is much higher.

We are currently researching and gathering information on the requirements for opening a school.

In the interim, our children our being taught by a university-educated teacher, ZOE staff/tutors as well as a number of volunteer tutors.

ZOE seeks to fund these positions in order to continue – and expand – essential services in the area of prevention, child rescue, education, rehabilitation and reintegration.

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