Improving Education: Translators

Brief Description

ZOE depends on translators for a myriad of activities.

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Project Focus

Prevention, Rescue / Intervention, Rehabilitation / Shelter, Reintegration

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Project Objective

Increasingly ZOE must provide education directly to our rescued children. For these children, ZOE depends heavily on translators for our volunteers, visitors, staff, and children trafficked from other countries, as well as prevention and rescue investigations, interventions, law-enforcement and trial proceedings. Many of our intervention rescues involve victims who do not speak Thai. (One of the tactics of traffickers is to put their victims into situations where they cannot communicate with one another or others who might be able to help them escape.) Our ZOE interpreters (who speak a variety of languages) are depended on by Thai law enforcement and members of the Multi-Disciplinary Task Force to be the first point of contact with frightened victims during the confusion and chaos of a raid.

Who are the intended beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries include children who are saved from being sold into slavery through the efforts of our prevention work. Also, children rescued from lock-down brothels, begging rings, and forced labor will benefit greatly.

Project Description

Our translators are a key element to the success ZOE has had in building strong partnerships with the Thai government including federal and local police agencies, the Department of Social Welfare, and the Immigration Department.

In addition, our prevention education program involves traveling frequently to rural hill tribe villages where the populace may not speak Thai as their first language. In these cases, ZOE’s translators serve as the interface between our Thai-speaking staff and the local villagers. Moreover, our volunteers – whether full-time or part-time – from Australia and the U.S. depend heavily on our experienced interpreters to enable us to work effectively with our Thai partners and staff.

ZOE seeks to fund these positions in order to continue – and expand – essential services in the area of prevention, child rescue, education, rehabilitation and reintegration.

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