ZOE Child Rescue Computers

Brief Description

Purchase four (4) computers to facilitate and enhance the work of the ZOE Child Rescue team.

Amount Sought:
Project Status:
Project Completed

Project Focus

Prevention, Rescue / Intervention, Reintegration

Recipient Country


Project Objective

To enhance the ability of ZOE’s Child Rescue team to carry out its mission to prevent child trafficking, conduct prevention and intervention rescues, collect and prepare evidence to prosecute traffickers, and conduct follow-up assessments for possible repatriation of rescued children with responsible family members.

Who are the intended beneficiaries?

The primary beneficiaries are the orphans and children rescued (and possibly repatriated) by ZOE. Secondary beneficiaries are the members of ZOE’s Child Rescue team who will have use of these computers to facilitate their work.

Project Description

Purchase four (4) new computers to augment the ZOE Child Rescue team’s current equipment inventory. This includes increasing the number of computers as well as replacing any existing computers that may be obsolete or incapable of performing necessary computational tasks.

Providing these computers will help the ZOE Child Rescue team:

• Deploy ZOE’s human trafficking awareness program

• Provide wraparound services for highly vulnerable families and children

• Conduct investigations and child rescues

• Perform post-rescue case assessments for each child to determine trafficking risks and other safety issues required prior to reunification

Over the past decade, ZOE has established a network of over 350 contacts throughout Thailand consisting of law enforcement, social workers, community leaders, and pastors that provide us child trafficking tips on a regular basis. Given our established network and knowledge of this region, we are able to both respond to tips and strategically deploy our prevention teams to investigate children and families that are highly at risk in conjunction with conducting our awareness program. Our field teams utilize a child trafficking risk matrix in order to measure the inherent and residual trafficking risks by inputting the critical variables of each case. The matrix enables our team to objectively determine whether substantive changes have been made and to formulate the appropriate intervention response. Our teams are trained to validate the key facts that generate the majority of trafficking risk as identified by our risk matrix on a case-by-case basis.

All of this information, e.g., network contacts, villages visited, matrix information, individual case work-ups, must be collected, corroborated, and collated. These additional computers will greatly assist in this area.

For more information email: info@zoefoundation.org.au